Short Term Property Loans

Short Term Property Loans

Short term property loans are perfect for a business that is looking to expand. Whether it be for new equipment, larger inventory or a new location. They are a cost effective and prompt way for businesses to obtain additional funding. Assisting them with their cash flow or pay unexpected bills, invoices, salaries and more. Here at Basic Finance we have flexible terms and fixed rates. A short term property loan is usually secured against the new property and requires a fixed deposit as security for the loan.Unless of course, other collateral is agreed upon.

Short term loans concerning the property is often used for commercial real estate purchases to close a property. Or retrieve real estate from foreclosure, take advantage of a short term opportunity in other another to secure a long term finance. Basic Finance offers a full range of loan products for a short term loan. The two main being a bridging loan and standard secure loan. A standard secured property loan is a short term property loan that takes a more extended period for the repayment period. Usually three years or more. A standard secured loan monthly payment applies to both interest and principle. It is preferred as it gives room to borrow more if needed.

As it says so on our short term property loans page on our website. Our Key features include:

  • Advances from $20,000 up to $5 million dollars
  • Terms can be as little as 7 days – 36 months
  • Pre-paid terms, nothing to pay for the term in most cases
  • Settlement in 24-48 hours
  • instant approval process
  • Also, 24/7 customer support
  • Bad credit and no financial statement required

What makes Basic Finance different?

At Basic Finance we have high loan to value ratios, no credit checks and no financials. We also offer immediate assistance with purchases, refinances, etc. Basic Finance considers all types of non-confining business finance Finance for clients that don’t qualify for bank funding. Furthermore, As experts in our industry and with decades of experience, we are perfectly positioned to provide you with premium short-term property loans.

For any Financial needs, Basic Finance has you covered. Contact us now for any further information or visit our website.