Short Term Loans

Short Term Property Loans

Short term Loan or Short term business loan is the perfect opportunity for a business that is
looking to expand , whether it be for the equipment , their inventory or even expanding into another location or premises .
Short term loans are a cost effective and prompt way for businesses to obtain additional funding to allow them to obtain this urgent funding to assist them with their cashflow or to pay unexpected bills, salaries, suppliers invoices, etc.

At Basic Finance, we endeavour to offer affordable and straight forward short-term business loans

with flexible terms and fixed rates.

Key Features

  • Advances ranging from $20,000 up to $5 Million Dollars
  • Terms can be as little as 7 days up to 36 months if required
  • Pre-paid Terms, nothing to pay for the term of the loan in most cases
  •  Bad Credit and no financial statement required
  • Instant approval Process
  • Settlement within 24-48 hours
  • 24/7 customer support service

Short Term Property Loans 

A short-term property loan is usually secured against the new property and requires that a certain amount will be deposited as security for the loan except in cases where other collateral will be made available to the lender.

Looking for the best short term property loan, then think Basic finance 

A short term loan is a type of interim financing for an individual or business until permanent financing is made. Short term property loans may be appropriate for businesses that are subject to significant unexpected and unavoidable expense, such as a home repair or a car repair.

Short term loan concerning the property is often used for commercial real estate purchase to close on a property, retrieve real estate from foreclosure or take advantage of a short-term opportunity in other to secure a long-term financing. Basic Finance offers a full range of loan products with the two main options for short term loan are bridging loan and standard secured loan. 

A Standard secured property loan is a short-term property loan that takes a more extended period for the repayment period, usually three years or more. A Standard secured loan monthly payment applies to both interest and principal. It is preferable because it gives room to borrow more.


How to go about a short term property loan


A Short-term property loan is typically a loan that is scheduled for repayment within one year. Short term property loan works like every other loan (medium and long) but within a short-term repayment period. For a short-term property loan to be assessed, it depends on the value and type of assets owned by the individual. Only very few individuals have enough savings to purchase a property out rightly, then short-term property loan will be considered. The shorter the loan repayment period, the lower the interest that will be charged in most cases. If the loan is not paid out on time, the penalty interest rate would be incurred by the borrower.


Why our short term property loan is the best


At Basic Finance, we are committed to adding value to businesses and companies by providing short term property loans to businesses and companies with less hassle and affordable interest rate. We also make sure that every application made for a short-term property loan is well scrutinized, and immediately we verify documents tendered, we do not take time in disbursing funds requested.

You can find out more about loan services offered by Basic Finance by visiting our page. Our customer care regime is well developed and reachable 24 hours a day.




When is it best to secure a short term property loan?

A short-term property loan which is often referred to as a bridging loan is that type of loan that is obtained to augment a certain amount at hand to acquire an interest in a property. It is a type of loan that is obtained by a business to meet important property needs such as securing an apartment for business or converting an already existing home that is not habitable for living into a business property.


Importance of securing a short term property loan


  • With a short-term property loan, business operators can easily bridge the gap that might exist between an already existing debt, and a desire for funds to secure a property. So, while you are still yet to pay up an existing debt, you can even have an opportunity to obtain funds to acquire property or make use of a property to secure funds.
  • With a short term property loan, a desire in property can be sealed and guaranteed as it comes without having such opportunity fall through.
  • Many times, short term property loans will not require any credit check, and as such, they can be achieved even with a bad credit score provided every other requirement needed to apply for it is available.


How to secure a short term property loan with Basic Finance

Basic Finance has extensive experience in the financial products industry. The company is often recognized as one of the most prominent online lending platforms offering many loan products, services and consultations to companies and businesses. Among other loan services offered, is the short-term property loan which is comparably streamlined in application and requirements. No credit check is required to secure a short term property loan with basic finance. To apply, you have to visit our web page where you will be asked to offer certain information as to the type and nature of your business. We will also need you to provide us with the financial records of your business over the past two years. All of these is aimed at being able to ascertain the business’s general trustworthiness and ability to pay back short-term property loans provided and relevant interest.



Our company is made up of a working team who have many years of experience in lending and can offer your company any consultation as regards obtaining any of our loans. To ensure that we are ready for your queries, our customer care unit is always available to provide our customers with help and information about our company and loan services offered. We aim to maximise every opportunity there is to ensure that we can add value to your company or business, and as such, we await your application today! With us, you can rest assured of the best possible loan outcome.


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