Securing a Private Loan Easily with No Credit Check

Some business operators with a bad credit rating or no credit check at all can often feel that it is difficult or almost impossible to obtain a private loan. While this has been a long-standing opinion of many persons looking for loans, it is not necessarily true. If you are operating a business, it may be possible you to get a private loan without a credit check..

How to Secure a Private Loan with No Credit check


  • Have an idea of your credit score: as a business looking to secure a private loan to finance an activity, it is vital that you have an idea of what your credit check is like. This has nothing to do with how good or how bad it is, but instead it makes it easy for your business to be able to explore the many loan options that are opened to it and how to go about accessing them.
  • Approach a lender and prove your creditworthiness: while many lenders and banks are keen on a good credit score as an essential requirement for giving out private loans to companies, there are some other lenders just like us at Basic Finance, who are willing to offer private loans with no credit check to companies and businesses. We provide such services to business operators who can prove their trustworthiness and their ability to pay up the loan requested as well as the interest it attracts.
  • Maintain adequate and necessary documentation: it’s okay to have a credit check, but it is important to have the appropriate documents needed to secure a private loan with no credit check. Remember that the documents tendered by your company or business upon application for a private loan go a long way in proving its trustworthiness or otherwise. Certain documents are termed as necessary to be provided by any company seeking a private loan with no credit check. They include the company’s tax returns of 2-3 years; a record of past borrowing of the company or business; bank history and previous financial records of the company or business; as well as any other document the company deems fit and necessary for a loan application.


We are a leading finance company that offers many financial services to businesses such as loans to help businesses grow or consolidate. With all documents tendered, and the trustworthiness of your business or company ascertained, we can offer your business a private loan without a credit check. Visit our website today to apply for a private loan, and in the case where you need any help, contact our support team and be sure that someone is always there to provide you with advice and guide to securing a loan.