Private mortgage specialists in Australia?

Depending on your circumstances. it can be difficult getting loan approval from one of the big 4 banks. With the global economy in shambles and interest rates at record lows, it is no surprise people want to take advantage and get into the property market. At Basic Finance, we are the private mortgage specialists in obtaining finance that is tailored to you. If you need funds to pay for a new home, need to invest in commercial property or expanding your business, we are the specialists at getting you the private mortgage that best fits your situation. Private mortgage specialists can change your life, help you buy your dream home, or dream business, as well as transition from a smaller to a larger home or business.

Eligibility for Private Mortgages

Obtaining private mortgage loans with Basic Finance is an excellent option for individuals who don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage. There are a few reasons why you may not tick all the boxes for the most common financial institutions – if you’ve never had a mortgage previously, you’re new into the property or commercial market, you have a poor or non-existent credit history, past or current debt or you are self-employed. These reasons make the option of a private mortgage a valid option. Working with private lender mortgage loans is the way to go when you want something quickly and efficiently.

How do I apply with a private mortgage specialist?

Basic Finance will do it all for you. They will tell you what paperwork is needed and will guide you through the process. Basic Finance focuses more on your property needs and not just on your credit history and source of income. We adopt a professional approach and will find those innovative solutions allowing you to get a private mortgage loan.

Why Choose Basic Finance?

We are the Australian private mortgage specialists. People choose us because:-

  • Competitive rates that adjust with the market
  • Quick approvals and fast funding
  • Tailored fee structure, there are no hidden fees or charges in your agreement
  • Simpler process for obtaining a loan
  • Hassle-free application process with support every step of the way
  • No credit check

Need a private mortgage or any non-traditional finance?  Get in touch with Basic Finance. We have a greater understanding to find the right solution for you. So, give us a call today on 1300 792 284!