short term business loans

Short Term Business Loans

Short Term Business Loans

Short term business loans are an effective way for business owners to get extra funds that will allow them to expand their business and the services that they offer. Whether you want to ensure positive cash flow or need extra funding to expand your business, a short-term business loan can cover your requirements. Basic Finance’s short term business loans are designed to bridge the company’s financial obligations, purchase machinery and supplies or to be used as working capital.

We have made our business loans straightforward and affordable with fixed rates and flexible loan terms. Our quick finance is designed to meet an emergency, so you can get the funds within a day. We will customize the loan to your specific requirements and help meeting your immediate business needs. With a fast and easy approval process, we can help you get a tailor-made funding solution as quickly as possible.


How do short term business loans from Basic Finance work?

Our business loans are simple for any business owner follow with no hidden catches or charges. We like to think that our small business loans will work for you and not against you. We offer extremely quick funding solutions for business owners that need immediate access to funds. View our features below and see how our business loans can work for you.

Our salient features:

  • Quick and simple funding solution
  • Lowest interest rate
  • Flexible repayment term
  • Loan term available from 90 days to 12/24/36 months
  • Loan amount from $20,000 to $5 Million dollars
  • Approval in 10 minutes or even approval over the phone

How can short term business loans work for you?

Most people think that getting a loan for your business is a bad idea, when really it can open up more opportunities for you and your business. Business owners, sole traders and entrepreneurs find it the hardest to obtain finance. For most business loans you will be required to submit profit and loss statements, business expenses and countless amounts of other financial details. A short term business loan is the perfect opportunity for a business that is looking to expand, whether it be their equipment, their inventory or even expanding into another location. A short term business loan can be a significant advantage to your operation when your using the funds to grow your business which will then in-turn grow your cash flow.

Our short term business loans are available even to entrepreneurs with less than ideal credit scores. So, whatever industry you are in, we can help you find a perfect loan product that fits your business requirements. Get started today!. For more info call our Melbourne support team on 1300 792 284.