Second Mortgage

A second mortgage is obtained while the first mortgage is still in effect on the property. This type of financing is structured to assist investors who need additional funds for their business purposes. Basic Finance, the Australia’s leading business loan lender, can offer second mortgages up to 85% of LVR at competitive rate of interest.

We have access to just about every loan option available in this fiscal industry and have been assisting our customers with all their financial needs. Our dedicated team will work with you and streamline the application process to provide stress-free experience. Our second mortgages will provide an alternative to refinancing and can help free up your cash flow

Why should you get second mortgage from Basic Finance?

  • Loan options tailored to meet your needs.
  • Educate you regarding the application process.
  • Explain and discuss the loan documents and settlement charges.
  • Provide you an accurate estimate.
  • Give you flexible terms and lowest rate.
  • Fast approval & funding.
  • Approval based on equity.
  • Help improving your cash flow.

With the combination of excellent staff, dedication for customer service and superior operations, we can handle just about any scenario and meet your financing needs! So, contact us and discuss your needs today!