No Doc Mortgages

You can buy a home, or start a business with a No Doc Mortgage – Basic Finance

No doc mortgages are the perfect options for people who are looking to obtain a mortgage without stress and administration. If you are asking what is a no doc mortgage, it is one where, unlike a regular mortgage, there is no huge pile of documentation. No doc mortgage loans provide access to funding for people who run a business, are self employed or haven’t been in stable employment for a long period of time. The process for applying for a no doc mortgage is simple and stress free with a quick approval period.

Is a No Doc Mortgage easy to obtain?

Typically, a no doc mortgage lender would require you to supply the last three years of profit and loss statements, information about your cash flow and other finance commitments. Our no doc mortgage lending is exactly that, no documents. Providing that you have equity in another home, we can provide you with funding in as little as 24 hours.

What is the qualifying criteria for a no doc mortgage?

When you apply for no doc mortgage refinance, it is a way of not having to supply any evidence of income. No BAS statements, letters from your accountant or bank statements. There will usually need to be security provided through an asset source. The security will allow us, the no doc mortgage lenders, to provide you with suitable funding solutions that meet your needs and requirements.

Can i have a no doc mortgage for a long period of time like a typical mortgage?

A no doc mortgage is usually a better idea for a short or minimum term type funding. No doc mortgage lenders want to know that you have an exit plan for the loan and to have it paid off over a short period of time. A sustainable exit plan could be for example, waiting for the sale of a house. Chat to us, the reputable no doc mortgage lenders Australia, and you will see how easy it is to qualify.

We provide mortgages on your assets and property without a need for any financial documents. All that we expect you to do is fill up the enquiry form or simply call us on 1300 792 284 for a quick chat. This process is hassle free and instant.