Invoice finance – invest more into your business.

Invoice Finance gives you a access to invest more money into your business and minimising your monthly cash flow.  Basic Finance is Australia’s leading business loan lender and has been helping businesses of all streams with their funding needs. With our invoice financing, you can get a fast loan of about 80% of your invoices which can be used to cover cash flow slowdowns and unexpected expenses.

Invoice finance will allow you to continue your day to day operation by making sure that you have a suitable amount of stock on hand, appropriate insurances in place or any other expense that will allow you to continue trading. We understand that additional expenses can arise and not always when our cash flow is in surplus. Invoice financing can be  a sustainable way to assist your business without having to reduce your operation. Most business owners juggle their cash flow between the numerous monthly expenses that will arise. Whether your behind or wanting to make an annual payment that you can pay in 1 simple monthly instalment amount.

Benefits of Our Invoice Finance:

  • Our finance solution is available to any business with credit worthiness.
  • We have simple approval process and provide instant cost estimate.
  • Our invoice finance can be obtained quickly than other conventional business loans.
  • You can access up to 80% of the value of your invoices.
  • Funds are generally available within 24 hours.
  • You can avail dedicated customer service and guidance every step of the way.

Our approach to the funding decisions is always stable and we can complete the deals quickly and effectively. We are fervent about providing a personalised service, anticipating your needs and delivering prompt services, every time.

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