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Basic Finance is Australia’s leaders in short term business loans , short term commercial loans and asset funding.

We have the experience to work with clients to tailor a suitable short term loan for all business needs.

We believe we can offer great rates and the Fastest Turn Around times in the industry.


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Short term business loans to ensure positive cash flow and need extra funding to expand your business.


Short term loans to provide financial backing for business owners.


We are now happy to introduce bridging loans to make your purchases simpler.


Basic Finance is Australia’s leaders in short term business loans , short term commercial loans and asset funding. We have the experience to work with clients to tailor a suitable short term loan for all business needs. We believe we can offer great rates and the Fastest Turn Around times in the industry. If you are looking for 24 hour short term loans without any questions asked, we at Basic Finance would be delighted to help you . We offer the best business loans Australia, have an excellent reputation and are professional, efficient, discreet and reliable. We would love to help you with your 24 hour short term loans. Chat to us about your business loans, or your private loans and let’s see how we can work together.

Our Unique Loan Features :

Finance We can Assist With :


  • Purchase a business
  • Buy new plant or equipment
  • Buy stock
  • Pay tax or other work related expenses eg. wages, legal fees, advertising etc
  • Business repairs and maintenance
  • Working capital
  • Council approvals/Head works
  • Bridging the unexpected “gap”
  • Fund a commercial or industrial property purchase whether the bank cannot settle in time.
  • Fund a residential investment property purchase where the property is to be owned in a trust or company name
  • The Security: All our secured loans require some type of security
  • Types of security are: First or Second Mortgage,Cars, Boats, Planes.  Anything else that an interest can be registered against




Our deep knowledge and experience will help you to secure the right loan at the right price considering your unique needs. We always think outside the box and will help you to get your project funded quickly and with no hassle. We do believe that finance should not be that complicated and we still settle deals on an old fashioned hand shake!

Basic finance offers you one stop shop for all your business. Short and long term property finance, commercials and business finance. With our vast network of private financiers and investors, we can help you to find the the right solution for all your financial needs. We are not internet platform , we are real people dealing with real people. We don’t close our doors at 5 PM, we are there for you 24/7. Basic Finance offers their clients unparalleled customer service . You will only deal with the same person from day one until the settlement of funds!

With over 21 years of experience and expertise in the property and finance industry, that gives us an unlimited edge and access to a broad amount of products and resources! Working with us, you will always count on us to secure the funding you need and we will always work with you on your terms and conditions.


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It is never too early or too late for us. You can call or email us any time of the day. We are here for you.

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Getting a loan is simple at Basic Finance. We have a very high approval rate on the market.



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We are 100% Australian !

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Forward us your written quote and let us offer you a better deal. We will work on your terms !



No Drama

No penalties for early repayments! No Gimmicks or hidden costs! Clear black and white terms.

Our Differences 

We offer a faster way to finance!

We still settle our deals on old fashioned handshake!

Private Mortgages

We are a leading finance company that offers many financial services to businesses such as loans to help businesses grow or consolidate. With all documents tendered, and the trustworthiness of your business or company ascertained, we can offer your business a private loan without a credit check. Visit our website today to apply for a private loan, and in the case where you need any help, contact our support team and be sure that someone is always there to provide you with advice and guide to securing a loan.

Securing a private loan easily with NO credit check 

Some business operators with a bad credit rating or no credit check at all can often feel that it is difficult or almost impossible to obtain a private loan. While this has been a long-standing opinion of many persons looking for loans, it is not necessarily true. If you are operating a business, it may be possible you to get a private loan without a credit check.


How to secure a private loan with No credit check


  • Have an idea of your credit score: as a business looking to secure a private loan to finance an activity, it is vital that you have an idea of what your credit check is like. This has nothing to do with how good or how bad it is, but instead it makes it easy for your business to be able to explore the many loan options that are opened to it and how to go about accessing them.
  • Approach a lender and prove your creditworthiness: while many lenders and banks are keen on a good credit score as an essential requirement for giving out private loans to companies, there are some other lenders just like us at Basic Finance, who are willing to offer private loans with no credit check to companies and businesses. We provide such services to business operators who can prove their trustworthiness and their ability to pay up the loan requested as well as the interest it attracts.
  • Maintain adequate and necessary documentation: it’s okay to have a credit check, but it is important to have the appropriate documents needed to secure a private loan with no credit check. Remember that the documents tendered by your company or business upon application for a private loan go a long way in proving its trustworthiness or otherwise. Certain documents are termed as necessary to be provided by any company seeking a private loan with no credit check. They include the company’s tax returns of 2-3 years; a record of past borrowing of the company or business; bank history and previous financial records of the company or business; as well as any other document the company deems fit and necessary for a loan application.


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